Every Sunday at 13:30 at Victoria Hall Methodist Church

Serving the community of Sheffield for more than 25 years

Victoria Hall Methodist Church, Norfolk Street, Sheffield, S1 2JB

About The Sunday Centre

The Sunday Centre - Serving Food

The Sunday Centre is a not-for profit organisation, based in the city centre, which serves Sheffield’s homeless and vulnerable. On Sundays, there is a particular need for a safe, warm refuge available to all because many of the other relief organisations working in Sheffield close on this day. Our main aim is to provide hot food and drinks, yet we also offer our guests a genuine welcome and the chance to socialise with others as they wish. During CoVid this has, sadly, had to change. Where, before, we delivered a sit- down, hot 2 course meal we now deliver a takeaway service. As before, we still operate out of Victoria Hall Methodist Church, using the entrance on George Street for access (see “Our Location” for a map and directions).

Sunday Takeaway Meal Service

We open the doors at 1.30 pm to hand out 80 takeaway meals that contain a nutritious, balanced, hot meal (both meat an vegetarian options are available) along with two pieces of fruit (e.g. a banana and an orange), cake, a chocolate treat, fruit juice, a bottle of water, and bread & butter. We have usually handed out all 80 meals by 2:00pm.

Many of our guests are in insecure accommodation and a few sleep rough, yet we also seek to serve those affected by poverty, substance issues, addictions, mental health issues or social exclusion. Our guests and volunteers encompass a broad range of races, faiths and cultures and we make everyone welcome, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Our sessions are run entirely by volunteers and we are always glad to hear from anyone seeking to become involved with the project see the page Volunteer with Us for more. We rely entirely on donations to support our work; to find out how you can donate to us, please visit the page Other ways to support us.

The Sunday Centre - Kitchen Crew
The Sunday Centre -

Walk & Talk

During the first lockdown we noticed that many of the people we would have seen as guests each Sunday were suffering through lack of contact with others. After conversations with a couple of big issue sellers that though the loss of income is hard enough to manage, it is the lack of contact with others that drives them crazy. Although some people were sat out in the city centre for the potential for begging money, there are some who are also there because they aren't thriving, mentally, in their own accommodation.

The Sunday Centre, therefore started an initiative called Walk & Talk; a rota of small teams of two people at a time was organised to walk the city centre for a couple of hours to talk to any of our collective service users they spot sat out? The teams were (are) tasked not with a strictly no cash to be given out policy. The intention was also to keep people they chatted to up to date info about what's open, where to get help, etc. While there were other out-reach organisations already going on, this would be very much conversation based. If you would like to be involved in, or know more about, the Walk & Talk initiative please get in contact with us via our Contact Us page. All necessary training and support will be given - no new volunteers are expected to go out without an experienced walk&talk volunteer.

Ways to support our work

Dontation of Goods

Donations of Goods

We welcome donations of goods that may help our guests whether they are from individuals, community organisations, local businesses or national companies.

Raising Awareness

Raising Awareness

We are constantly seeking ways to raise our profile within Sheffield and to increase general awareness about our work.


Our project relies on donations and does not receive any Government support. Besides the ongoing costs to run the sessions, funds are also required for administration, printing and insurance.

Sponsor a Sunday

Consider sponsoring one of our Sunday sessions! It costs approximately £120 to run each of our sessions in Victoria Hall, including the costs of insurance, hot drinks, biscuits, the hot lunch, newspapers, the pudding and cleaning materials

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